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Are You A Revolutionary?

You are delivering revolutionary possibilities in a diverse group with compelling purpose, deep connection to the market and a commitment to a win for all stakeholders.

We engage teams that have the grit and opportunity to drive the next revolution with software.


​About Our Process

          We work together with you to:

  1. Understand yourself and your customers

  2. Clarify your opportunities, strategies and metrics

  3. Commit appropriate patient capital

  4. Focus on building value quickly

  5. Work towards our ultimate desired outcome

Value Added at Every Step

To assess our mutual compatibility over the long term without wasting a lot of time, we use proprietary and best-of-breed lightweight analytics and teaching tools. If we both still like what we hear, we'll move to video conferences and in-person meetings in which we'll share our findings and review your assessment of us. We have developed our own proprietary tools that combine education and collaboration. We also use proven 3rd party analytics including the Predictive Index and Abaca among others.

During this process we'll use our analytics to learn enough about your business to know if it's a fit for us. We'll also teach you enough about our business so that you can know if we're a fit for you too. If everyone is in agreement, we'll be able to jointly identify a roadmap to mutual success. If any of our best-of-breed programs are appropriate, we'll review them with you in depth. Our tools include 

With a series of conversations focused on measurable results under our belt and a mutually agreed roadmap we can all commit to, we’ll enthusiastically make an investment through a round we lead or join. Then our long successful relationship can really begin based on mutually agreed expectations and a solid plan.

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