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Why Work with 3PR


​We help CEOs leverage technology and capital to make better decisions.


​The world has never moved this fast and it will never move this slowly again.


Our proven methods improve outcomes for both founders and investors.

​Results : Remarkable experiences and extraordinary outcomes.


More on 3PR

We started 3 Points Rising to foster more rewarding relationships between entrepreneurs and investors. We get it: too often, early investors lose all or most of their investment because founders don’t follow an appropriately efficient path to revenue growth. At the same time, many founders receive substantial investment from investors who end up owning a large portion of the company and it feels unfair to the founders. Our methods aim to avoid both outcomes. We do this by analyzing the key risk factors, avoiding wasted effort and collaborating with portfolio CEOs to build companies efficiently. We aim to focus only on activities that are most likely to create value for stakeholders.

3PR is based on the strength of the triangle as the strongest shape and the truth that people behave better and learn faster when they’re in groups. One person is a tyrant, two people are a conspiracy but three people make a leadership team. If a leader knows they have to bring their team along, they learn differently, make decisions differently and get better results than individuals or even pairs of people are able to. The inherent value of diversity starts to become apparent in groups of 3 or more.

Another group of people we focus on are your customers. Naturally, you should have more than 3 of them - many more, realistically. We seek post-revenue companies with groups of customers that are paying for the same product or service. We believe these are the first high-fidelity signs of product/market fit and are a precursor to our investment.

If you and your team are on the path to serving your expanding group of customers and would like to talk about how we can help you plan and execute a remarkable outcome for you and your business, get in touch today.

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