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About Ed

Ed’s career started in 1986 as a systems software developer building a series of large-scale disruptive systems for companies big and small. As technology spread from specialist technology companies to every company, Ed focused on architecting and selling solutions to real problems, not just highly capable technology. He founded Summa Technologies in 1996 to deliver these solutions. Summa exploded onto the IT services scene, winning Pittsburgh's Fastest Growing Company in 2002, many Best Places To Work Awards, many accolades from employees, partners and clients and would be sold to CGI in 2017 in an all cash exit. During that time, Ed founded his first venture fund, Summa VentureWorks, in 2000 to invest in pre-seed B2B software companies building technology in strategic enterprise markets.

In the years since, Ed founded or co-founded 12 companies and became one of Pittsburgh most active investors. He has invested in over 50 companies through Summa VentureWorks, his second fund Pittsburgh Equity Partners and his personal portfolio. Pittsburgh Equity Partner's was a vintage 2009 fund that delivered top quartile results through exits in most of it's portfolio companies.

​Ed’s experience in the operation and capitalization of companies makes him ideally suited to groom, select and back high potential companies to accelerate their growth. Ed now brings the richness of his experience to his family office 3 Points Rising to build the next generation of B2B software companies bringing disruptive value to the world.

Ed received his BS in Applied Mathematics/Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon in 1986 and completed the Entrepreneurial Management Program at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon in 2003. Ed was an Associate Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon where he taught Entrepreneurship to students from the CIT, INI and HCI schools from 2013-2017.

Count On Ed

Deep experience translated into education and tools with a focus on your future

What you can count on me to:

  • Seek the magical “Third Way”

  • Challenge your assumptions

  • Develop strong board operations

  • Focus on high value transformation

What you can not count on me for:

  • Going along without asking questions

  • ​Lots of free advice

  • Writing checks before collaborating

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