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Effective Analytics from
Affective Health & 3PR

We help people feel like doing good things for themselves.

  • Engaging employees effectively

  • Enrolling people in voluntary benefits

  • Maintain ongoing conversations

​Affective Health's conversational micro-learning platform helps our partners know when and how to say things to make them more interesting to people.

Our highly secure platform designed by I/O psychologists utilizes a combination of
nudging, micro-learning, ESM, rich media and data modeling all in a no-code system that lets subject matter experts create powerful communications that can deliver unique insights directly into your existing data systems.

Contact us to find out how we have helped clients:

  • Reduce the cost of orthoscopic surgery

  • ​Increase compliance in sleep patients

  • Make meaningful behavioral change

Digital Experience Platform

Learn how to create your own custom conversations that drive group belief and confidence more efficiently and effectively than ever before to:

  • Reduce costs of discussions & meetings.

  • Surface hidden issues few are aware of.

  • Improve productivity and retention.

Free Challenge

Put the secrets of Marshall Goldsmith’s Triggers to work for yourself every day.

Sign up to be the first to join our new daily goal setting program "Be Your Best You" and be one of the few to use the proven teachings of Dr. Goldsmith to promote your own ongoing improvement.

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