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Co-Creating Growth with Extraordinary Leaders

Win in More Dimensions

3 Points Rising is a consulting-first family office investment firm. We are long-term investors with patient capital. We join teams that have the grit and opportunity to change the world with software. We bring creativity, connections and generational capital to initiatives with a compelling purpose, connection to the market and a commitment to a win for all stakeholders involved. We believe that the well-traveled journey is the highest reward, especially when the financial result is extraordinary too.


The road will always have ups and downs. You’ll know we’ll be there with you in the foxhole because our process will take us through some ups and downs together first! Our process usually takes 1-6 months depending on the circumstances.


Current Portfolio

Rimsys logo.png


​​The only holistic Regulatory Information Management system for medical device companies logo.png

Proven patient engagement to help healthcare consumers understand their options, needs and aspirations to improve their own outcomes.

Mechanical X Advantage.png

Mechanical X Advantage

Providing systems and service to commercial buildings with integrity, transparency, accountability and speed.

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